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Old audio cassette

Hey there,

I know it's not technically a pro audio thing but my area is mainly making as much noise as possible and I haven't had that much exp mastering.

Basically, my mate just brought round a very hectic rave tape. It's awesome, the only problem is that it's possibly a 5th or maybe 4th gen copy.

Anyone got any useful tips for cleaning up the audio or have done anything like this before? Any online resources?




Michael Fossenkemper Mon, 07/30/2007 - 16:10

you want to look for some kind of restoration software or plugins. there are de-hissers and such. good ones cost more, junky ones cost less. But they are all kind of expensive unless you do it for a living. not sure if there are really cheap ones worth trying out.

Thomas W. Bethel Thu, 09/27/2007 - 14:47

MrHope wrote: Try to get a better more original copy if you can. 5th generation is pretty bad.

You lose about 7% in every analog generation copy so you are already 35% less than you would have been using the original. NOT GOOD.