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Optical Digital Output

I've got two consumer audio devices with Optical digital outputs, a Sony DAT and a Denon MiniDisc player. The outputs are both "ADAT" in appearance.When I connect either of them to my RME Fireface Or the ADAT input on my Akai Hard Disc recorder I get no signal. Why is this? Is it a different format?


cfaalm Sun, 04/02/2006 - 05:55
Your Sony DAT and Denon MD give an optical s/pdif signal. That is different from ADAT. Don't give up, yet.

Look in the manual of your Fireface to see if you can configure the optical ADAT input as an s/pdif.

If that won't work, there are devices that translate ADAT to spdif and vice versa, but I bet you can keep your money in your pocket.