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In Over My Head - Mixer for 24 Track Recording...


If we wanted to setup our Alesis HD24 on it's own mixer...what would you recommend? At this time, we only need the mixer to set gain and levels going to the recorder. After that, we'll dump all the data to a computer.

My problem, is I don't understand the ins/outs on the HD24. There are 24 ins and 24 outs, I would imagine that the outs from the HD24 are only if you want to send individual channels to the board so they can be heard. But if I'm mixing in a PC environment, I shouldn't need to send anything out from the HD24 right?

So, if I have a 24 channel analog board, I should be able to take all 24 outs from the INSERTS into the ins on the HD24? We've got a Allen & Heath GL3 - old but in great shape. It has 24 XLR ins and 24 Line Ins and 24 INSERT (IO). If I wanted to take TRS outs from the board do I use the INSERT? Seems like a cunundrum. =)

I'm a little over my head at this point. Our current board is a Yamaha 01v which has the nice 6 optical ins/outs. However, those are taken by our pre-amps. =0 So, we are looking for a cheap alternative to get all our tracks recorded.

I appreciate your help and would be interested to hear how you have your Alesis HD24 setup for all 24 tracks recording.


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 03/20/2006 - 07:33
Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies. After sitting down and actually thinking this out, I found that I indeed can take 16 channels of optical out from the board. Which lessens the gravity of my situation a lot more...

So, right now I have successfully taken 16 tracks optically out from the Yammie.

As stated above, the issue now is getting the remaining 8 tracks from the preamps. Clocking is obviously an issue here and I'm not sure the proper format...

The Presonus Digimax 8-channel pre's have a clock-in and clock-out. I've got two of these.

The Yammie has a clock-in and clock-out.

The HD24 has only a clock-in.

What would be the best way to rig this up? Right now, the two pre's are connecting via out from top pre---in bottom pre---out bottom pre---in to board. Which leaves an out from the board as the only output from a clocking device.

The top pre has a button that says EXT Clock, which I believe is clicked. So it appears it is sending it's clock signal as 48k to the bottom pre, which sends it on to the board. So I guess I can send the board out to the recorder? =)

Sounds simple, don't know if it works. =)

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 08:20
Ussually on recording boards there are Tape ins, and Direct outs, that would get you to and from the recorder, You should listen to the signal coming back from the recorder to make sure your not distorting it too much. An option is to use Buses iff there are any on the board. The Insert idea, sorta works, but its really not the correct way to do it.

Its sounds like the Allen and Heath board is a live board,

Unsure why you can't use the o1v , the only issue is that it only has 8 outs (optical) as far as I know.

good luck


Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 08:29
Hey Gil,

The Yammie actually has 24 channels of optical IO right now. We have an expansion card. However, our external pre-amps take up two of the INs on the Yammie board. And our personalized monitors take up one of the OUTs on the board.

Leaving 8 channels of IN/OUT and 8 channels of OUT in the optical realm.

What I don't know is if the Alesis requires you to send a signal back to the board. I just want the signals to dump to the recorder. So, if I could take the two open outs and patch 16 channels out to the HD24 via optical...Then take 8 channels directly from either the board or from the Pre-amps, that would work...

Do you know if we can take direct outs from Presonus Digimax 8-channel pres? They've got digital optical outs and line outs for each channel. Line out won't override digital out will it?

Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 10:58
the digimax would work, it just needs to clock with the HD recorder. If the board is conected to the recorder via optcal then it need to go both ways, so that it clocks correctly. I had a simmilar issue with a o1v and 1 adats and some motu mk3 I was trying to junp , in out in out ,, and it didnt work, it has to normal back , even if it isnt being sent back to the board, make sense ?

You can probally go as follows

Yammy to HD recorder and back

and the digimax to the recorder and back, should work

you wont be able to monitor the digimax on the board though.

it sorta makes sense in my head ,

hope this helps

try maybe explaining the whole wiring schmatic to the forum and we will see if we can figure it out. Its diificult to picture without being there.

how does the info get into the computer do you have an interface or do you transfer the files with the ethernet from the HD



Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/17/2006 - 11:24
Since your A&H doesnt have "direct outs" and "playback in's" on each strip this is what I do/would do.

Build some TRS Male ---> Dual TS Male adapeters (24 in total) This would also be known as an insert cable....

If you choose to build these check the RANE site for how to wire them if you dont already know.

Because the insert point on the A&H I assume on a single TRS connector you would be running out to your recorder unbalanced. Not a real big deal though as long as you dont have miles of cable between your board and recorder. If you have dual TRS inserts like the new A&H boards then you just need TRS cables. Wiring up everything in the way I have described lets your singnal chain go:




By doing this you will not need to repatch to hear playback/monitor what is being recorded.