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Overhead help

Help decide on OVERHEADS! CAD M179?
This is what I'm looking for in my price range, around 3-400 bucks. I want a good condensor (most likley be getting a matched pair) to cover overheads on a kit, maybe also decent for vocals and room mics.

CAD M179
OAO Octava MK-012
Sennheiser e614
Apex 150
Audix M1290
Studio Projects C1
Sampson C03

Anyone own some of these mics? thoughts?


moonbaby Mon, 06/25/2007 - 18:16
Unfortunately, what makes a good OH doesn't necesarilly make a good vocal mic.
From what you've listed, I'd say:
I have a pair of M179s, I got them because I liked the multi-pattern versatility. They ended up doing everything half-assed. They have NONE of the "professional sheen" a pair of Rode NT5s OHs, especially. They've been relegated as "room mics", little detail or character.
I've NEVER been disappointed with A-T mics. I have a pair of A-T 4047s, I think they're great! I have a couple of 4041s and ATM25s, too. Tons of attitude. And reliable. Less $$, more options.
I bought a few Apex mics, God knows what I was expecting. Certainly no better than SP, MXL, etc. Why? The Chinese simply are 'guessing' at what Western ears want to hear. Always room for improvement there, EH?
Never used THAT model of Audix, but their mics have never failed to impress my ears. I love my i5 and OM-series mics.
Be careful that the Octava you're looking at IS a RUSSIAN mic, not Chinese!
I have long been a Sennheiser fan, but that E6^%& line is flat, one-dimensional, don't waste your time and $$!!!!!
DO make sure you have at least ONE MD421 in your locker, though...
FYI: Samson makes Behringer...."Nuff said!!!

JesterMasque Mon, 07/02/2007 - 14:01
I own a pair of MK-012's and I must say that they are truly amazing. They have plenty of character and articulation. In a recent recording magazine there were lists where pro engineers got to choose microphone sets based on budget and use. Not only in the lower budget, but even in the highest budget brackets ($5000+), one of the two guys chosen for the bracket still chose a pair of MK's for stereo mic'ing. [Can anyone back me on this as to which periodical?]

If you are worried about getting bootleg Chinese Oktava's, here is a link to another post:
[[url=http://[/URL]="http://recording.or…"]Oktava Fake Check List[/]="http://recording.or…"]Oktava Fake Check List[/]
The starts off about the Sterling Audio ST55, but it quickly moves to what to look for in the Chinese vs. Russian ones.

JesterMasque Mon, 07/02/2007 - 23:03
I would have to disagree. I got both of my Oktavas for only $250 something out the door, I think, (it was somewhere around there). It too does surprisingly well for vocals, for a small diaphragm anyway. The SM81s are great mic's, but Oktavas are still a better deal because they are less expensive and can produce the same, if not better, results than the SM81s.

Davedog Tue, 07/03/2007 - 09:48
Excuse me Vinnie, but I was simply addressing the original posters' query as to a mic that would work as a vocal mic AND an overhead. And I think I made it plain that ...INMYOPINION, the only mic that would actually be REALLY GOOD for both was the SM81 AND that a PAIR of them would be out of his budget range. I dont believe I EVER spoke or referred to your choice of mics as OVERHEADS or VOCALS nor did I indicate that a pair of them wouldnt work as such. In truth, there are a LOT of SDC's that make great vocal mics, but many are in the upper range in price. So disagree all you want but try and remember to READ all of the posting before starting an argument which in its reality has no foundation nor is an issue here.

Everybody has an opinion and hopefully that opinion is based on realife experience and not heresay. But theres no way for anyone on here to really KNOW that.

As for the Octavas' producing the 'same if not better results than a SM81', I think that a side by side comparison would determine a different result though I will agree on the value of the Octavas...I own a couple myself and love them ...

Its been my experience with the SM81 that they make an incredible vocal mic and I have used them exclusively for this purpose on many occasions. This was my point and had nothing to do with your POST.

JesterMasque Tue, 07/03/2007 - 16:47
Woa... Take it easy a bit. It was my bad not to quote what I was referring to:
The only SDC in the budget...

I understand you were addressing the original poster's question. I however, felt that it was necessary to let him/her know that the MK also doubled as an excelent vocal microphone for it's design, which I failed to mention before. Did I not mention another microphone that could be bought in a pair with the budget? I merely stated my disagreement with your statement and went on to compare the MK-012 and SM81 given my experience.

With all do respect, I understand that you are a mod and most probably a very experienced recording engineer. However there is no reason to snap back at me so aggressively when I merely disagreed with you. If I am not mistaken, when someone asks questions looking for advice, I would imagine that they would prefer if people had somwhat of a debate so as to better see all sides.

I apologize for any transgressions interpereted from my previous post.

Davedog Tue, 07/03/2007 - 18:57
Allrighty then..........On the subject of Oktavas or Octavas....The best sounding ones are certainly the Real Russian made a whole....though there might be exceptions to the rule as with anything.....The best of these are found as matched pairs from the Sound Room and only then can you truly be sure of getting well tested and matched product. The main problem with these mics, and I DO own a couple, is the build quality tends to be very iffy from mic to mic. Now, you could get lucky with a standard pair and get a couple that have no loose parts rattling around inside and also get ones that are within a couple of db of each others frequencies...But its a crapshoot at best. You can find sets that have multiple capsules and clips,windscreens,cables ...the whole lot, for your budget, but its gonna be a pull as to the build of them.

And Vinnie, I really dont mind disagreements and discussion, just be sure to include the quotes as it makes it less of a personal attack than a point of discussion.

As far as MK012's vs SM81's, yes, there are aspects of the Octavas that I really like. Its a nice mic for different it seems to like better pres a lot. As a bargain hunter from way back, it is definately a mic that I would own and use if I needed a mic like that at this time. As a complete sound palette it has its drawbacks and only multiple use of them in a recording would really show this clearly. Every piece of gear no matter what the level and price puts a stamp on things and as you use these pieces for more things in your recordings, a pattern will always emerge, sometimes not in a good way, and the imprint of a particular piece of gear will eventually effect your ability to mix things in a cohesive way. Its at this point that the realization of budget vs. high-end becomes apparent.

Dont get me wrong, the SM81 will imprint your recordings quite a bit. Its just in my experience its in a good way.

My actual recommendation for a budget overhead set is always going to be ADK SC-T's. THIS is a mic that plays with the big boys at a junior price.

For the poster....a pair of Audio Technicas will do everything you could ever want a mic to do and more. Get the 3035's. You can use these on anything and you'll never want to sell em even when you move up. I have NEVER seen nor HEARD of an issue with any Audio Technica mic. I own the 4033 and use this for everything. Everything.