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P.A design questions

Hello people i have challenge i have been set a budget of £500 and with it i need to buy a p.a system which will need to include only the basics i.e 4 nice sounding speakers which need to have bass and treble that will be wall mounted on brackets prefrebly 10 inch sub, speakon cables etc and then the power amp/amps i know its not the greatest budget but i;m sure something can be worked out. The venue is small i.e 100-150 people and just needs to be powerfull enough to get people dancing so a bit of low end and nice treble i notice a lot of venues of similar size have smallish sized speakers that genrally sound good i.e JBL samson amps etc?. Does any one know of any starting points or good advice on equipment and where to buy it from based in th u.k prefrebly london.

Gratefully Goodge