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pci-x and why?

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Hey Gang!

I just spent the last year and half deciding on the Mobo for my DAW and now I'm reading about pcI-x and how its up to 32 times faster on things,, sigh!

I haven't even aHD a chance to break in the mobo, do I consider an upgrade alreay? if so the benefits would be ?

I've read not all is running smothly when inserting the UAD in these slots,,, , but must be the new in thing,,,

any feedback would be appreciated ..

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Pro Audio Guest Fri, 03/05/2004 - 02:00
PCI-X is just the latest revision of the same PCI slots you have now. They have only really made it into MACs, and I've never really heard about any HW that uses it aside for some storage and high speed networking cards. Really high end shit too. There is realy no situation where PCI couldn't handle the audio IO and storage needs of the most complicated session.

The thing that you need to watch for is PCI-Express, which is a whole new bus. It's a smaller slot that is way faster, and designed to be sped up over time. You are first gonna see this in graphics cards, as MOBO and GFX card makers are planning a pretty fast trasition to PCI-Express for graphics.

By the time that PCI-Express takes hold (2-4 years), my money is on new audio hardware using Firewire or USB. We will probably see a speed increase of both by then.

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Pro Audio Guest Sat, 03/06/2004 - 13:49
I'll second the motion. Your UAD card and other PCI cards are not going to take advantage of the PCI-X slots.

PCI Express is slated to replace AGP and the existing PCI standards. This year we will see the introduction of the new BTX form factor which will require a new case, power supply, motherboard and PCI Express video cards. They are calling it: [=",1583,a=115080,00.asp"]The Year of The Upgrade[/]="http://www.extremet…"]The Year of The Upgrade[/], that means we will all have to go out and buy new computers, ching, ching. I think I will just make do with what I have now, it works great.

Try the slot, if you experience problems then you know it won't work. Hardware combinations are like rolling dice, you may or may not have the winning combination. But just cause one person could not get it to work does not mean you will not be able to get it to work. Using your UAD card may not be the cause of the problems, it could be the other PCI cards and also your motherboard or video card that is causing the problem.

If you need more help installing your UAD card, try the [[url=http://="http://www.chrismil…"]UAD Forum[/]="http://www.chrismil…"]UAD Forum[/]

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Pro Audio Guest Sat, 03/13/2004 - 19:04
As far as the year of the upgrade is concerned, I'd be really causcious about that... unless you have a lot of money or you're really unhappy with what you currently have... here's a few reasons why:

The memory used in first generation Pentium IV's
Sega Dreamcast I need to continue?

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mjones4th Mon, 03/15/2004 - 11:25
On a serious note, PCI-x is a stopgap architecture, an in-betweener, and I don't see much development happening for it in the audio world, especially with PCI-Express on the horizon.

I've heard that PCI-Express was even going to replace the current system bus eventually, maybe by late 05- early 06. Then we'll see really small and unique form factors, forget shuttle XPCs, since the FSB has been one of the main design constraints in mobos for the last decade. Because then you don't really even need to adhere to the motherboard concept. Manufacturers could put their CPU, RAM, expansion slots, etc., anywhere inside the box, or outside it for that matter!

Imagine upgrading your CPU faster than replacing the batteries in your walkman.