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Peavey HB2 for wired IEM - a review


welcome back!

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anonymous Wed, 02/03/2010 - 14:13
This post was moved to the "advertising" forum. It was not advertising, and I am sorry if it came off that way. I don't work in any way for Peavey or anyone else related to this unit. It was meant as a review - no different (as far as I can tell) from the many reviews and opinions voiced on this forum. Just wanted to be neighborly.

audiokid Wed, 02/03/2010 - 14:50
First off, welcome back! And a great review!

Allow me to explain.

A large percentage of "forum advertising posts" ( users) are increasing and streaming over from another very popular website. This website allows advertising and reviews to be posted in their forums, where we do not! They obviously and unfortunately do not have a proper CMS designed for supporting rich content and commercial related content. This creates a lot of confusion and forum spam filtering over here.
That being said, I noticed this exact post over at ... you are obviously marketing something if you have duplicate content posted around the web? forum content has been spam free since our grand opening on Sept. 4th 2000. has built a solid reputation for being intolerant to this. is independent of corporate BS favors and therefore we can make our own policies up, that we feel serves the best interest for our membership direction and all its content. We simply don't want forum topics to become side railed with people coming here to drop links in topics they really care nothing about.
We also do not want spam content indexed by search engines. The more you allow, the more you get. Eventually you have a busy site out of control. We have thought this through in great detail and this is why we have separated advertising from forums. We may not be the busiest site on the planet but we are one of the most respected.
It makes a better system for both user, manufacturer and sellers to design area's to advertise and market products. Mixing advertising in forums with reviews, product announcements etc is not a good idea for forums. Its a train wreck in progress.

ADVERTISING OPTIONS: has a fantastic dedicated CMS ( content management system) designed to drive traffic to you. You can advertise and market pro audio products around our the forums, thus keeping specific content targeted. is a google magnet. We have Articles and Blogs for self promotion.
If you wish to make announcements or advertise anything at all. Contact Us. Do not spam the forums. Its a waste of time and it will be removed.

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anonymous Mon, 02/08/2010 - 08:10
audiokid, post: 299044 wrote: That being said, I noticed this exact post over at ... you are obviously marketing something if you have duplicate content posted around the web?

I am not marketing anything. REPEAT - I AM NOT MARKETING ANYTHING!

I appreciate's policy regarding spam, but this is silly. I posted info on a product that I used and liked, and that I had found no info about elsewhere. I only wanted others to be aware of it in the event they found it to be a useful solution for live sound monitoring. Yes, I posted at Gearslutz first, as that is the only forum I visit regularly. You failed to mention that my Gearslutz post was initally a question - "has anyone heard of or used this item?" Noone responded that they had, so I plopped down some cash to give it a shot, liked what I found, and decided to post my thoughts. I later posted here as 1) I used to post here a long time ago, and 2) this forum seems to have a little more live sound discussions than Gearslutz.

I am done posting about this. If anyone wants more info, feel free to PM me here or at Gearslutz.


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