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Playback problems

Hi all !

For some reason I can dump 24 tracks no problem,Im using Nuendo V2
to record and play, when I play all tracks Im getting this wave (out of synch) effect . I have 2 separate hard drive one for the OS one for the Data, Plenty of space. I have 3 MOTU 2408 mrkII going to a MOTU pci-324 card which is set to be the word clock. Why is this happening durring playback?

Dang !


Reggie Sun, 08/13/2006 - 21:16
Well, I'm still not sure what your situation is; is it happening at record or playback? But at any rate, is there some feature where you can slave the MOTU to the ADAT's or can it auto-sync or something? I'm not sure how your MOTU words it, but I don't think you want the 2408 to be the master word clock.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 08/16/2006 - 07:28
Alright !

I get it now ! Me and Neson from "Sound on Sound" figured it out last night ..well actually he did, the problem was I only had 2 output setup in nuendo ,and the motu was summering down all track to 2 outputs, there was also an issue with the BRC controller for the 3 adats we have...All I need now is a few more lighpipe cables and a 2 more 8 channel 1/4 snake and im back in buisniss without having to touch the patch bay ever gain !

I love it !