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please take this Mapex Black Panther snare (drumagog) gog format for all you drumagog users. All hard hits from a new brass Mapex Black Panther 14X5.5. It's a medium tuning (med on top, low on bottom for a that nice little pitch bump that sits nice in the mix). This should fit in the mix with little to no EQ or compression. Let me know what you think.

http://www.thebluer…"]Click here and find the Mapex file[/]="http://www.thebluer…"]Click here and find the Mapex file[/]

there are some older samples there too ...take em, they're free.


multoc Mon, 04/02/2007 - 12:20
okay for me it's just very BANGY like there's no sound to it just a thump with a snare on it. I always think of mapex as very "open" (lots of nice mid-range to them) but this is just a scooped punch, almost kicky sound to it.
that's all i meant by it
but i always look forward to your gog files, i still can't get the others to work, but this worked fine

THeBLueROom Mon, 04/02/2007 - 13:28
it is damped, but there is almost no EQ yet on these ...just a UAD-1 Neve bus compressor on a 2:1 ratio with a medium threshold. They are certainly more open when they aren't damped. The dampening method is one piece of moongel.

Have you tried it in a mix at all... I'd be curious as to how you think it sounds then.

thanks for checking it out!

multoc Tue, 04/03/2007 - 12:41
Haha I know it's quite a bit of EQ....I'm in class right now and a guy in my class Pete Bankert (who's recorded Foghat and Tesla among others) was a little shocked but he lives in an analog world too. Well he told me to center my peaks closer to zero. But yeah 18dB is a little excessive.

I tried recreating the same curve in what I have in this Pro-Tools class but I'm stuck with LE so I couldn't get it to work. I don't know, the alogorhythms in Adobe Audtion 2.0 are very unique, they allow me to do alot of stuff I can't pull off in other programs; I'm sure I could, but not as easily. I do like having the "Track EQ" (3 band parametric eq is helpful). I think the reason I set it so high is due to the fact: 1) I can (the peak is 30dB!!!) 2) I set my levels before I EQ so I use the higher dB as a way to add another level setter.

When I get home I'll throw up another mix without it. To be honest not a whole lot changed when I compared my EQ with dry, I've had that surprise a few times when I've gotten my hands on professional sessions (most notable the Burger King "Coq Rock" band had zipped files for Garage Band sessions of their songs, but I just opened the AIFF files and added some of my preset EQ's only to find it didn't change much of anything :O!)

Anyway let's say around 10pm EST I'll throw up those mixes. I have 3 hours of this Pro-Tools class then 3 hours of Live Sound Reinforcement (2-5 then 6-9!)

THeBLueROom Tue, 04/03/2007 - 20:54
or you could create a "Supersonic" folder and stick it in there ;)

you have to find the "gog files" folder and place the file in the under whichever header you'd like ....then open up drumagog and look for that header and you should find it in there ...then simply click

dang, I can't listen to it, for some reason it won't play