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Pop filter madness

So, I was buying a pop filter the other day, and it seems there actually are choices. I've only used the panty hose kind, and they seem to work just fine (until the gooseneck falls down, or the clip fails me)

I saw these metal mesh pop filters that saposedly "force" the air down and away from the mic instead of stopping it from moving toward the mic.

I'm confused, I hypothesize the metal filter would disperse the high end of a vocal and color the sound, but I just dont know. Of course I could answer my question, buy one of them metal filters, and the little bastard a spin, but it would be cheaper to get your opinions.



RemyRAD Sun, 06/18/2006 - 21:35

It's really funny you bring that up.

About 10 years ago, a friend of mine told me he got this cool pop filter from the grocery store! I thought he was joking! But it was true! It was this 10 inch diameter metal frying splatter screen, with a handle, you put over top of your frying pan! It really worked well...... As a pop filter! They were really expensive too. They were $29! For 10! I thought it was pretty funny when I saw about filters you are speaking of. Of course you have to make a mounting for the screen to the microphone. You could cut 4 pop filters from a single frying pan splatter screen! This is not just a piece of insect screen. It's a punched solid piece of aluminum creating louvers that deflect the air AND it keeps all that oil from messing up the top of your stove. I found it sonically as transparent if not more so than my pantyhose. I don't think it colored the sound any more than the microphone's own grill?

Truly a wind win situation
Ms. Remy Ann David



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