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Pops Clicks Other Noises

i've been recording with my new Delta1010, but i cannot get rid of these popping and clicking noises in my recordings. i searched through the entire 1010 manual, tried a few things they suggest but still no luck.

things i've tried:

- switching around cables to make sure it's not a bad cable
- disabling video acceleration (suggested by manual)
- no clipping during playback
- sample rate locked via Delta control panel (suggested by manual)
- master clock is set to Int Xtal
- Delta1010 ASIO driver is being used under Cubase SE3

something i haven't tried:
the manual suggested adjusting the audio buffer size, but doesn't say what to adjust it to. any ideas on this?

below are some screenshots of my settings within Cubase and Delta 1010 Control Panel.

any ideas?


dementedchord Wed, 01/31/2007 - 21:28
MightyMilk wrote: [quote=dementedchord]strange.... in almost every case your way better off using the drivers written for your particular interface....

i think you may have misunderstood my post. i am using the drivers for my delta1010, any other drivers made my latency go up to 300+ ms.

however, changing the buffer size seems to have fixed my problem.
cool glad it's working... my comment was directed more at aprevious suggestion to use generic windows drivrs....

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 02/03/2007 - 13:03
hueseph wrote: I'm stumped. Have you done the tweaks on musicxp?

yea i did most of those things a long while back, because this computer doubles as my gaming machine too. i really do appreciate your help though.

just getting a little frusterated with this thing, it sounds amazing when theres no noises, but it usually only lasts for the first 20-30 seconds of a recording.

Pro Audio Guest Sat, 02/03/2007 - 13:15
for reference, heres a recording of my problem.

just a quick song me and my friend started working on, and about 10-15 seconds into the recording, i start hearing all these extra noises that should not be there.
(just type the 3 digits into the box below and hit submit, that takes you to the download page, where a timer counts down until the download is ready)

also, before anyone asks, i did make sure no digital effects were enabled, those sounds are coming from something else.

as a side note, if i go into Control Panel from Cubase, and then hit apply changes even if i didn't make any changes, my transport bar goes to "Sync Int. Lock". when it does this it will start the play button, even if theres nothing there. if you try to rewind it, it will not let you, and only lets you continue playing forward. also trying to record does nothing.