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portable cassette recorder


i used to have a little Sony walkman type cassette recorder with a built in mic...

just for the heck of it, and to keep some kind of lo-fi analog recorder option in my backpack, i want a cassette recorder that can power one of those little stereo electret condenser mics...

any suggestions please?


ps: i realize that this forum is not set up to address this kind of question... i hope you guys don't mind... 8)


rfreez Mon, 01/29/2007 - 23:02
Try, for example, the Sony TCM-20DV.

hey boswell... thanks for that link... i ordered one of those :)

There are much better ways of doing portable recording these days.

without doubt... almost any digital device is likely be more hi-fi. This is just for fun... to use like a wire recorder or fx processor or whatever... not really for music recording for publication. sometimes the extremely minimal fidelity has a *sound* doesn't it? (robert johnson anybody?)

Boswell Thu, 01/25/2007 - 08:53
Several models of cassette recorder have plug-in power for a microphone. Try, for example, the Sony TCM-20DV.

But really...!

There are much better ways of doing portable recording these days. Minidisc recorders offer much better quality than cassette. Hard-disc based recorders can record for longer without changing the media, but I think the type to look out for in the flash-based MP3 recorder. Try the range from iRiver, Archos, Creative etc. Ebay is swamped with suppliers trying to sell new ones. Ignore the cheapos as they won't have recording features.