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Hi, I'm new to this. Am a songwriter, musician, singer. Am considering investing in a dp01fxCD, the Tascam. Looks like a lot of wam for the wampum (around $450). Only thing, I hate the "only record two tracks at a time" part. Cant even record 2 guitars and vocal live (on seperate tracks). Is there any option short of the Tascam twenty four track thing? Any thoghts would be greatly appreciated.


RemyRAD Sat, 12/08/2007 - 18:40

Yes Chief Rainsford I have another suggestion instead of that box. Because all of those boxes require so much proprietary equipment, they can never really be upgraded. For the amount of money that those costs, you can purchase a reasonable laptop. With that reasonable laptop you can also invest $150 for a 2 input USB audio device that will accommodate XLR Phantom powered microphone and line inputs. These usually also include a professional piece of software that might have some Special or Limited Edition features that restricted from the full-blown variety. Restrictions like no more than 32 tracks as opposed to 128 tracks, etc.. Really depends upon how sophisticated you want to get and how much money you got. But I think you'll find a laptop with an external audio interface and your choice of software to be a so much more intelligent investment. You'll be able to do things you've only dreamed of. The rest will require your experience and professional expertise to produce a quality professional product beyond what you could produce with a shoebox recording gizmo.

Keep it going baby!
Ms. Remy Ann David