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Portishead fx?

hi, this is my first message to this board. great stuff in here!
well, my question is how to get the old radio, but punchy effect like for example, Portishead uses?

I've tried with EQ, removing lows and adding mids with some more highs, but, i guess there must be more to do!

what you think?


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 04/19/2006 - 03:09
You have the right idea with the EQ. You'll want to cut a lot of the high end as well as the low end, maybe even filters as opposed to shelves, so you only hear somewhere in the lower midrange. In fact I think part of a post I read earlier mentioned that the actual response of old phones was about 300Hz-3kHz.

But I bet part of what it's missing is a more "mechanical" loss of fidelity (grit if you will).

Get your signal out of the box. I might try running the vocal thru a small, old, inexpensive stereo or loudspeaker system. Just a crappy little speaker. Then mic up the speaker and record it back in to your system.

Tasteful use of this kind of thing is such a big part of what gave Portishead that sound. I have heard stories about them doing things like cutting their sound to a vinyl acetate, taking it out to the parking lot, and stomping it in the gravel, THEN sampling it. Well, that is one way to get something to sound like it's on an old vinyl!