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Powerbook G4 vs Powerbook G4...


Following my troubles between my PC and my RME fireface 800, I had the occasion to test the FF on Powerbook G4 1.5ghz + 512Mo of RAM and it works great without problem under logic 7 express with ten audio tracks.

I intend to buy one of them, and have in particular the possibility of buying a Powerbook G4 1.33ghz + 1G of RAM.

My question is to know if the difference 1,5Ghz and 1.33ghz can be detrimental to make turn Logic suitably.

And to know if that can be to compensate for by the 512Mo RAM additional compared to the model 1.5Ghz which has only 512 of them…

(sorry for the langauge!)


TuBlairy Fri, 02/23/2007 - 09:35
You can by RAM and install it. I typed "Cheap Mac Memory" into google and got this:

You need to be specific about which MAC you are buying for. So the 1.5 SHOULD run marginally faster. You also need to check the version. My new Logic Pro 7.2only runs on 10.4.4 or higher - so check that, too. 10 tracks is dyck. Only if you're running a shitload of plugins will you run into trouble and even then you can freeze tracks, which, although eating up a little hard drive space, will free up lots of processing speed.

gdoubleyou Fri, 02/23/2007 - 12:20
I think that you should take a look at the Intel macs, even the core duo Mini is faster than last years dual G5 towers for most tasks.

I own a 1GHz powerbook and Use Logic Pro, when using virtual instruments and effects you will have to freeze tracks to free up cpu.

On my core duo mini so far there has been no need to freeze, it has the juice to get the job done in real time. Sessions of 32-48 tracks, all virtual instruments.