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Pre-Distortion EQ and Noise

Hello there.
I've just joined the forum because I am at my wit's end.

I have recently purchased a Rane Parametric EQ (PEQ55) for use in my live rig.
I am a guitarist, so here's the rig (pretty simple).

Guitar (EMG actives) --> Morely Tripler, with boost (for raising signal level) --> Rane PEQ --> Mesa Mark II.

Amp and EQ powered by a Furman AR-15 II Voltage regulator.

The problem:
The PEQ accepts +4 line level inputs.
The guitar is active and connected to a booster (on the Tripler) to raise the level to enter the EQ.
No matter what I do, I am getting a lot of noise coming from the setup.

So far, I have tried multiple combinations.
I know that by boosting the signal, I am also boosting the noise coming out of the guitar, so it is being perpetuated through the amp.

What I don't understand is how other devices (Such as the Furman PQ-4 and Aphex 109 Parametrics) accept the -10db signal and use it before an amp without creating any noise. The Furman has a built in preamp, so I'm assuming something like this would help, but I don't exactly know what is available for my application.

Finally, I need some advice as to how best to solve the problem.
So any innovative thoughts and ideas are most welcome.


(Oh, and if this is in the wrong area, I apologise, and please redirect me to the appropriate place on the forum.)


AudioGaff Sun, 06/18/2006 - 12:17

I don't know about the guitar gear you mention, but you may have a level problem and an impeadance problem as well. Guitars need a preamp of some sort with line level outputs to connect to the line level input of gear such as an outboard Eq. Either get a direct box and then into a mic preamp into the Eq, a dedicated guitar/instrument preamp with line level outputs into the Eq, or a mixer with preamp and then into the Eq. You may still have a noise issue, but worry about that after you have used the right gear to interface the guitar to the Eq.

This is being moved to the guitar forum where it belongs.

anonymous Sun, 06/18/2006 - 14:09

^Thanks for the move.
I was unsure as to where to put it.

I was thinking about the DI to mic pre, but I was trying to avoid putting too much stuff in the chain.
I'll try it though.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how the other gear, such as the Furman lift the signal and process it without all the extra gear (no DI etc.)?

anonymous Sun, 06/18/2006 - 17:24

have you tried running the eq through the effects loop (assuming your amp has one...) sometimes that will get rid of noise, but im guessing you want the eq before the amp's preamp. try turning down the volume on the eq. i know my eq ads some noise. also, on the eq, don't boost the frequencies, just cut.

anonymous Sun, 06/18/2006 - 18:42

Yeah, I've tried it in the loop and it works perfectly.
Actually, after I sort out the noise in the front, I'm going to run the B channel through the loop (it has two identical channels with separate ins and outs).

But, unfortunately, that's why I bought a rack EQ: To run it in the front because it was supposed to be quieter.

I'm using the majority of the filters as cuts, with one boost.

Thanks for the answers so far.

Please continue (while I still have some hair that I haven't pulled out yet).

RemyRAD Mon, 06/19/2006 - 00:15

I think part of your problem is that the Morley Tripler is not really a preamplifier, it is a buffer with amplification. That's different from a preamplifier. Plus, are you using a battery or the optional regulated power supply for that Morley unit? If you are using another power supply that is not filtered and regulated, it doesn't matter if you're using the Furman voltage regulator, somebody else's aftermarket power supply may be causing the noise?

The equalizer that you're trying to use is not appropriate for the application in the way you're trying to use it without it being in the middle between the preamplifier and amplifier and even then, that is a studio device designed for + 4 and not for low line level instrument level devices. There is a huge difference in those different line levels.

You also indicated you are using the Furman AC line conditioner/regulator. There is no preamplifier in that. It has nothing to do with audio and it is not a fix for crappie stomp box power supplies.

I would start at the beginning again. That is, plug your guitar into your amplifier and see how quiet it is?

Then plug your guitar into the Morley Tripler and then into your guitar amplifier and see how quiet that is?

If everything is still quiet and good sounding, then try plugging the guitar into the Morley Tripler, into the Rane and then into your guitar amplifier. If at that point you get horrendously awful noise, you may want to consider installing an electric guitar specific in-line stomp box equalizer instead of the Rane. Just because somebody said to you that it was quieter, that is like saying " my recorder records when I press the record button". OK, so what? Obviously it's not quieter is it? No.

See? Its even simpler than you imagined?
Ms. Remy Ann David

anonymous Mon, 06/19/2006 - 06:52

I've been running the Tripler off of DC because of the line variations.

I know that the Rane is made for a higher line level.
My thing is, how to boost the signal cleanly going into the Rane.

Edit: If anyone has any suggestions as to a more appropriate parametric eq for pre distortion eq, please suggest.



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