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Preamp and Compressor shootout?

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I'm trying to do my own preamp and compressor shoot out and I'd like to split the signal after the mic and power supply (tube mic with own power) into two or three different preamps. Then do the same after a single preamp with two or three different compressors. This way I am using the same takes and what not to judge the comparison. Will I run into phasing problems or will this work?


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Ang1970 Sat, 02/16/2002 - 00:27
If you sum all the inputs to the mic pre's to one mic simultaneously, it will interfere with the interaction between each individual pre and the mic... which is a huge part of what defines the sound of the pre to begin with. A more popular solution is a switching box, which will allow you to select each pre individually. You may also want to try the pres with a slew of different mics before attacking the compressors.