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premade contracts for recording?

I am taking on a project which involves doing live sound and simultaneously making a multi-track recording; all on my gear.

I am happy to offer them a copy of the show at the end, but what about retaining rights? I'd like to retain ownership (publishing?) of the recordings themselves.

Additionally, they can put them up on MySpace or whatever, but if they ever end up on a for-profit CD (like a compliation disc, a live album, etc) I'd like to be able to have some sort of pull.

Where can i find already-made contracts like this? any thoughts?



RecorderMan Sun, 11/25/2007 - 16:47

you don't have any rights unless the use YOUR tracks (i.e. they are the ones released). As to publishing? None whatsoever. The best you can hope for it that other bands love what you do and hire you to record them. These are the ways to make money on top of being paid a fee to engineer:

Other than Song-writing, Managing, being the Lawyer, Business Manager, etc

1. Produce. If you produce tracks and THOSE tracks are used you can negotiate a deal where you would get 1% to 5% (depending on your clout) of the suggested retail price of the the number of tracks on the album you produce (numerator) of the total tracks on said album (denominator). After the album budget and your advance (if any) is recouped.

2. Get them a deal. A standard finders fee IF you are the one that is the connection in getting them a deal is 10% of the first album budget.

As AC/DC said..." it's a long way to the top...if you want to rock 'n' roll"

P.S. Technically if you are providing the time and services they owe you something. But if you think your going to tie them up and get a ride on the basis of a recording alone; well any good entertainment attorney can get them out of that. But, what are the real odds of this band? Ask to produce them. That is the "title" you want to move the ball to your court.




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