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PreSonus ACP88

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Hi Folks. Newbie time. We are looking at getting some compression generally for drums. We have a MOTU 2408 and are running Digital Performer 3.1 with an Allen and Heath 16 channel board (that's about it for mic pre's and - almost any other outboard gear).
I've seen some general info about the PreSonus ACP88's but wanted some more input. Keep in mind the gear mentioned above. We have mikes like SM57's and D112's around. Nothing fancier than that.
Experiences? Opinions?




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Bobby Loux Tue, 11/18/2003 - 22:24
Actually the presonus comp does sound pretty darn good and gives you alot of flexibility when tracking drums. However if your looking into that piece basically just for drums I would say that gentle limiting going into a DAW is best and the presonus is way overkill.

i like to tame peaks with some RNC's in supernice mode then really shape my sound or squash it with plugs once inside. it is possible to go without comps. into a DAW, but those dynamic peaks can be a btch and I like to record pretty hot as my rig seems to sound best that way.

there are cheaper alternatives that will work just fine, you'd be suprised!