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PreSonus DigiMAX LT mic preamp

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Are they any good? If they are better than the pre's on my Yamaha O1V I'm considering buying them. I know The DigiMAXes are 24 bit, and the O1V are 20 bit, but something tells me that does not necessarely mean they're better...


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Krou Sun, 02/24/2002 - 21:42
I'm also curious about adding a good front-end to my 001 setup. I've been eyeing the Focusrite Platinum range of outboard, reading nothing but great reviews.
Problem is, I'm not sure which to get, as they all have redundant features but marketed for a specific task.

I would love to have a way to track my synth into it before it hits the 001, in order to warm it up a little, so I need a two input unit, right? Most of these only have a mono input for instruments.
(If there's a way around this, I'd love to know, I'm not the quickest when it comes to routing)

I'd also use it for recording bass and vocals.

Between the Penta, TrakMaster, ToneFactory, VoiceMaster, any idea which one is the best all-around?

thanks everyone,