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presonus monitoring

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recently i have installed my presonus firestudio, and also installed a art pro channel mic pre amp to the presonus.
i use the headphone input (on the presonus) to record my stuff.
I can hear sound comming from both sides, and the signal commin into the cubase monitors shows that it is also commin from both sides.

if i playback the recorded session, i can only hear it on the left side of my monitors / headphones.
I dident touch the pan knob.

what could this be?

yes i have another question,

when i recorded a session of vocals, it sounds as if it is recorded way below db lvls, the cubase monitors reach only 1/4 of the monitor, while the volume track is at its maximum. Is this a configuration in cubase or whatsoever?
My presonus sends some serious db's to my pc tho.
EQ edititing works alot tho.

i dunno, just looking for advice lol.


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RemyRAD Fri, 10/10/2008 - 11:26
"i use the headphone input (on the presonus) to record my stuff. " Yup, I never knew headstone inputs could record??

So what the problem really is, is learning the difference between left & write & right & Rite, inputs & outputs, recording & playback, equalization from editing, boys & girls, good recordings from crappy recordings, boxers from jockeys, feminine from hygiene, proper nomenclature from improper nomenclature, techno-speak from shoptalk, Democrats from Republicans & the French. Of which, I am not one even though my name may indicate such? But the problem definitely sounds like one of software settings? Operator error from operator experience. And the French.

Not French even with this snotty answer.
Ms. Remy Ann David