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Pro-tools problems - this ones just bizarre.

I've been fixing my comp quite a bit recently to try and get the pro-tools errors down to a minimum. And i was noticing I was getting error-9073 very often at the end of songs. I figured maybe this had something to do with regions nearing their end and the comp freaking out for no reason. Turns out the error is only coming up when recording feedback.

If we let a guitar go for a bit as soon as it gets to a certain pitch while feeding back, the error comes up and stops recording. We did it a whole bunch of times and confirmed it. If i chance the buffer size it will go away eventually. But I thought that was pretty damn messed up. As soon as the gits are done I'm off to nuendo!


The battle continues.



Pro Audio Guest Sat, 06/10/2006 - 12:02
i just meant mix in nuendo.

hey man, maybe its just my luck but pro-tools always gives me some sort of hassle. and i just thought this one was humourous because it was so stupid. It only came up when a guitar was feeding back... like I cant even belive that. I've went to a lot of trouble to have this system work, followed all the guidelines, digi-approved this and that.

No matter how much pro-tools owns me, i'll have to live with it anyways.

PS. everything else works just great as it should, so for now.. yes, it is just pro tools.