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problem recording vocals with tascam us122

i recently purchased a tascam us122 to record guitar and vocals onto my computer. my problem is that when i plug my microphone (an audio technica ATM63HE) into the XLR port the vocals arent recorded in stereo but only on one side (channel?). this happens when i plug it into both the right and left side XLR ports. when i plug it in on the left side the vocals are recorded on the left side and when plugged into the right side then the vocals appear only on the right side. this is not true when i plug my guitar into the 1/4 ports, the guitar is recorded in stereo.

i was wondering if it had something to do with the mic or the cable but the fact that vocals are recorded on both sides leads me to believe this isn't the case. i do have an old four track recorder on which i can test the mic. i havent used the four track in years but i bought the mic at the same time and didnt have this problem. i may have to drag the recorder out and see if i have the same issue.

i'm hoping someone might have some insight or see some easy issue to clear up. thanks for reading and for any input