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Problems with Power MAc G5

Im having a -9073 error in PT LE 6.9.2. It says it's about the Hard Drive, it might be too fragmented or too slow. Tha thing is that this problem only happens with ONE particular session, I'm being able to run other sessions with more tracks and plugins without a problem so it's really pissing me off because Im not being able to mix this particular session. It happens during playback (I don't know about bounce or record, haven't tried it). I looked in support answerbase, and I cant find anything to solve my problem. Has someone experienced something similar.

Another thing: Im still using the disk that came with the CPU cause I havent got the external yet, its a 250GB, the computer is a Dual 1.8GHz with 2GB RAM, so it's fast enough to have problems at this moment. I know I should get an external, or a separate disk, but my question is why can I run my other (heavier) PT sessions.






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