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Punch sounding Pres/Consoles for 3000

Do 3000 dollar (new or used) consoles that have a punchy preamp sound exist?

Specifically for Rock


- kelly


RemyRAD Mon, 03/06/2006 - 21:42
Kelly, it's not so much the preamplifier's as it is the source and the mix. Punchy is as punchy does. An ounce of punch is worth a pound of sound! Of course it helps to have a great sounding console to begin with. But you can get a lovely punchy quality out of many of the low-cost consoles made by Mackie, Allen and Heath, Beringer, Peavey, et al.. It's really all in the mix. So I would not be looking for that magic gizmo, it doesn't exist. Only experience, talent, intuition, all that stuff oh yes and a great pair of ears. Listening, experimentation and imitation will get you what you're looking for. It won't come overnight or at the drive-through window.

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