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I currently have a EMU 0404 PCI card installed. I'm thinking about buying me a Tascam mixer & a digital recorder. The EMU 0404 card I have has both co-axial and optical S/PDIF digital input and output.

I read this & wondered if someone could explain this to me more.

>>>>>>> You take the advanced approach and use both a multi-track recorder and a computer audio sequencer and find ways to incorporate them both together, either through MIDI Time Code synchronization or through a digital file transfer system like an ADAT light pipe or Tascam's TDIF or Roland's R-BUS.

I wanna be able to use my pc only for editing.
Sory for all the questions, but I just wanna use a digital recorder to record me on the mic over my instrumentals i have on my p.c. I don't like the quality of sound that i have gotten using pc software to record. I don't have a big band a & I mainly use instrumentals to record with.

The gear I have now
Audio interface: EMU 0404 PCI Card
Mixer: Yamaha MG 10/2


TeddyG Tue, 05/23/2006 - 14:57
I have little advice on your question(s), only the way you ask.

In future, try to actually ASK a question, with a word or two - Like "EMU1404/Tascam stuff", when you start a topic.

Simply entering the word "question", in the topic line, is wrong. A forum is, almost, ALL questions, Balki...

By asking A question(Not 12 at once), with a "topic hint", someone who knows the answer is more likely to see it IN THE TOPIC and open your post to see if they can help.


However: Looking quickly down your post, even I might say that you are doing something wrong if you don't like the quality you're getting with your PC recordings(Software? Hardware? Setup? Operator?). EVERYONE uses the PC to record/play/edit, the "external digital recorder" can be no "better"(It's the same thing - often much less, actually, in a box, with knobs.). Generally, when there are problems(Given even a reasonable system), it is time to learn how to use the system, rather than money, that needs to be spent.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 05/24/2006 - 04:45

I just don't get it. I am able to record just fine in Audition , but only stereo. In the past with my onbaord card I could record my vocals seperatley, but still be able to hear the beat playing while I was recording my vocals or accapella whatever you wanna call it. With this mixer & card I can't seem to do that. The mixer I have is the Yamaha MG 10/2. It doesn't have subgroup outs or bus. I don't know if that might be the issue to this. Is there a mixer out there that can mute the music so it won't read in audition, but i will still be able to hear it through my mixer so i can record just my vocals to the beat? I've tried everything you could imagine with tinkering the settings in audition & mycard settings plus re-routing this mixer. No solution if anyone can help it will be much apprecited thnx.

AudioGaff Wed, 05/24/2006 - 08:44
I'm a bit comfused as to if your are recording into your computer with the mixer direct or using the 0404? If you are referring to the 0404, load the Product Default seesion from the 44/48 tab into PatchMix witch is configured for both ASIO and WDM using the analog inputs. If you are using Audition prior to v2.0, you are limited to 2-channels and using WDM.

In any case, I would suggest you conatct E-MU support to verify your 0404 configuration and setup. They are some very nice and helpful guys. If you are in the USA, phone number is 405.743.0464