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Question about connecting guitar amp to multi track recorder

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In the owners manual for the tascam dp-02cf I purchased it says never to connect your speaker output from your guitar amp to the recorder.

Is this a power regulation issue or could it possibly do much harm by doing so..

So is my only option to mic the amp?


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21 years

Member Thu, 09/04/2008 - 17:32
The speaker output of your amp is the one that goes FROM the power amp of the guitar amp TO the speaker. It has a LOT of voltage. Enough to make a speaker move. Sending this signal INTO your recorder could indeed do some serious damage. And would sound really really bad. For a second or two. Or really good depending on how you look at it, but again, only for a second or two. Then you will have no sound.

There are other outputs on guitar amps designed to go to mixers, recorders, computer interfaces and the like. They are NOT powered by the power amp and could NOT make a speaker go. It's called Line Level. These outputs say things like "Line Out" or "DI out" or "Pre-amp Out." These can safely go to your recorder.

Best to get a DI box ($50-$200) and go to both the amp and the recorder.
Use mics on amps for the most realistic sound. (IMHO)