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Question about sub placement

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I'm considering getting a sub, depending on which monitors I end up with.. I have a small dilemma, though... most control rooms have everything (desk, monitors, etc) aligned parallel with the "front wall" as it were... however, my desk is a tall one built to put into a corner of the room (the desk is a right angel, not straight)... so, if I got a sub, I'd have to put it in a corner of the room, under the desk, for it to be between the left and right speakers... would this cause problems?

also, since the sub would be under the desk, the desktop would block the direct line of sound between my ear and the speaker. since bass is more omni directional, would this still cause problems?

the room is a little bigger than a typical bedroom, but smaller than a typical master bedroom... somewhat cubed shaped... thanks in advance for all replies!


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Doublehelix Mon, 01/05/2004 - 05:09
Really funny, but I was just reading an article last night (after posting here, obviously!) about sub placement. Let me clarify my original post a bit.

I want to make sure that I did not misslead you as to the sub actually does matter to an extent.

First off, it is true that subs are omni-directional, and that with a well-placed sub, you will not know *where* it is placed.

The article also mentions that putting a sub in a corner is a real no-no!

The problem arises with *phase*! If the sub is either closer to you or further away from you then your main L+R monitors, you will get phasing issues with your sound.

The ideal position for subs *is* centered between your L+R monitors, but due to its omni-directional nature, this is not essential.

BUT do watch out for phasing!!!

Here is a link to the should provide all the help you need!
[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.soundons…"]Sound on Sound Sub-Woofer Article[/]="http://www.soundons…"]Sound on Sound Sub-Woofer Article[/]

Good luck!!!

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Ethan Winer Mon, 01/05/2004 - 05:28

> if I got a sub, I'd have to put it in a corner
A few months ago I bought a Carver Sunfire subwoofer, which I absolutely love, and its manual says that putting it in a corner is best. And sure enough, it sounds much better - and puts out far higher levels - in the corner than when flat against the front wall. However, the Sunfire is a very unique piece of gear. It may be that other subs will work better out of the corner. The only real way to know if it's okay there is to try it.