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QUestion about this vocal effect

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16 years 3 months has a song called "Wrong Way To Hide"

The vocalist in this band I am mixing (for the last 6 months because the vocalist wants millions of things changed, and then disappears for a while - but they've paid my half up front so I'm stuck so far ANYWAY) wants this filtered doubled effect that pops up in the chorus, it's the first response "we have grown up to be [or something]"

If anyone knows what this effect is called or how I might achieve it I would appreciate it, because I just want to get this project OFF my hard drive and put away!

I'm sure it's some ProTools plugin preset that I don't own ha but like I said if you can give me a signal chain to set this effect up I will love you for it!

Thanks in advance!

btw don't whine about myspace quality because I've listened to this song as CD quality - or close to it as I'm not sure what iTunes is sending songs out these days - but I couldn't get it into an mp3 for you guys, but it's close and not terribly different and the effect is the same for the voice regardless