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Random video but a cool concept of "cabinet micing&quo

So I was watching this video about the band Darkest Hour. They've been recording in Canada with Devin Townsend.

There's a bit in the vid midway through when they're tracking guitars where they show off this box, it's a quiet box, for recording guitars.

Any idea of the microphone inside? It looks kind of like a 57 with a windscreen on it on a weird looking mic stand.

Anyway what are your thoughts on this box?


Link555 Mon, 04/09/2007 - 21:11
That didn't look like a 57 to me, but it was hard to see. The box is cool though I used a very simular set up in my home studio for years. I used an old deep freeze as it was already pretty air tight I got rid of the coolant and lined it with ridgid fiberglass and sound foam. It cut the noise down by about 30dB. Worked pretty well on small amps not so great on stacks. The good old days ;->