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Really long recording

I have a challenge/question for the experts out there.
I know next to nothing about recording and I have a really wacky project to do. I need to record audio for eight hours straight (preferably without spending any money). It does NOT have to be good quality audio. Single-track, mono. So a free program and an onboard mic works. But it NEEDS to be eight hours of uninterrupted audio, no breaks.
The only thing i've tried so far is to run Audacity while i slept. As soon as I stopped the recording, the program crashed (possibly a memory issue, but I really don't know).
PLEASE, experts, help me! Thanks in advance.


TheJackAttack Fri, 12/24/2010 - 13:24
For eight hours straight you will need to have the program or machine break the audio files every 4MB. These can still be linked back together in Audacity or some other DAW but there is a file size limit at work here with a 32 bit operating system/programs. Some DAW's will automatically break the streaming audio into separate files if set to do so in the preferences. Many flash recorders automatically do so.

Big K Fri, 12/24/2010 - 16:00
As a first use Wave64 format if you can. It is not limited to 2 GB file size.
Use a cheap DAW software that can do some automation.
Automate the record track to start and end recording after a certain amount of time. Make another rec track with automated record in / out to overlap a few seconds.
Forth and back gives you overlapping recordings for X hours in smaller file chunks. Crossfading is no problem, but to get out an 8 hour file in one piece ...
You should do some google to find out if W64 can do that... and if you can make any use of it or rather the people who want it recorded, since it won't play an many players, devices.

You said, it doesn't have to be good quality. Recordings in mono at 22 kHz / 8 bit should give you rather small files.


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