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Recording Acoustic Guitar on a budget...

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The is a 4 year old fender acoustic..

i have a seymour duncan woody, as well as a handful of condensers, sm57's+8's, and i can't get a sound i really am happy with with these obviously, the only one i am breifly happy with at the moment in the behringer b1. i am a very low budget engineer as i am a full time student. what mic would you reccomend for under £150 ?

cheerrrrs, josh.


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Member Mon, 08/04/2008 - 16:04
I used to record a Fender acoustic with a Seymore Duncan Woody a long time ago.
After recording it with some better mics (4033, Shure condensers....)
It still sucked!

Fender acoustics are not known for thier outstanding tone, unfortunately.

Before spending the dough on better mics, I would look at the space you are recording in. Acoustic guitar is very sensitive to the room you are in, unless you have the mic shoved right into the soundhole (which could result in a not so great tone either).