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recording acoustic guitar outriggers

Some people record acoustic guitar with a X/Y (or M/S) stereo-pair plus closeup outriggers.

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Any suggestions

mics (outriggers) : omni or card ?

mics: placement ?

mixing ?

phase problems ?

more links ?

... ?

I have just started some experimentation.
Two RØDE NT2-A (both i fig8) in M/S flanked with two ADK HAMBURG.
(Thats the only mics I have.)

/Goran Sweden


DavidSpearritt Fri, 04/28/2006 - 16:14
Yes sir. I would always use omnis as outriggers, you are trying to get incoherant lushness with a full frequency range.

Regarding placement, I would start with the MS or better, Blumlein, pair about 1m away slightly above sound hole, and then adjust from there. The outriggers should start at say 2m out and 2m apart and 2m in the air.

Mixing, the outriggers should be brought up to just start influencing the mix, for similar gain mics its about 6-10dB below Blumlein pair. There will be no phase problems with this technique and no hole in the middle.

Not sure of any useful links. The acoustic or classical guitar is one of the most misunderstood instruments and this is confirmed by the many terribly close mic techniques written about on the wonderful net.

Goran Tue, 05/16/2006 - 02:07
DavidSpearritt (Thank You for your answer),

So X/Y Blumlein is better than M/S Blumlein ( both mics fig-8 ).

I am pleased with my M/S Blumlein with my two Rode NT2-As i fig-8.
(I think the S should be kept quite low.)

But not with my X/Y Blumlein. It is not that smooth as my M/S.
( I have tried 70 - 90 degrees. )
It is more of that "spaced pair thing".

1.) Is this because the Rodes are not matched ?
2.) Or what ?

3.) What should be a really good pair of matched fig-8 mics ?

/Goran Sweden