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recording an album.. vdrums or acoustic drums?

Hi All,

I was hoping you could help me to get some information from your experience regarding recording v-drums in an album...

i'm involves in the drums/programming part in a production of a semi-electronical instrumental album. The project is in it's final stages and we hooked up with a fairly big UK producer and we currently have 3 options regarding the drumming/programming :

1) use only live drumming (and afterwards triggering samples with them of-course)
2) using v-drums (electronic drums of roland or any other brand)
3) use only programming (no "live played drums")

i don't know much about the 2nd option, i understand from what i've read that if I am going to use the v-drums i won't be using their samples (since they are limited and compressed and there's no real reason to use them in an album).
so what i'll be getting from the v-drums is midi and then i'll be able to do a lot with the midi using BFD or DFHS.

I would like to get some info from experienced sound-engineers who have worked with electronic drums to tell me what are the disadvantages of using the v-drums. our album has electronic character so even if i would record live acoustic drums they will still have to be manipulised to get a bit electric sound to fit the music...

if money is not an issue (well.. it is but i'm willing to invest whatever needed to get the best result) should i preffer the acoustic drums over the electronic drums for some reason?

does it matter if the sound engineer has the acoustic sound source or maybe he does so many changes to these sound sources that it doesn't really matter if he gets a live recorded acoustic sound source or not?

i know it all depends on the music and the sound engineer i'll be working with but i could use some refference from those of you who have worked with v-drums / electronic drums before...




vdrummer Tue, 03/06/2007 - 07:28
Why not use the Vdrums TD-20 module and get the some of Vexpressions programs, these are great and have custom programming of the Vdrum module, many different sounds to choose from. TD-20 has the closest to acoustic drums out there and since you are looking for an electronic sound this should fit the bill. Also the TD-20 has 10 direct outs.

natural Tue, 03/06/2007 - 07:33
You answer comes mainly from your drummer.
If the drummer is good and versitile, and has experience with both acoustic and electronic drums then go with option 2.

If the drummer can only play acoustic drums, than that's your answer there.

Your 3rd option only comes into play if the drummer is rhythmically challanged.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 03/07/2007 - 00:12
album references

thanks for the info guys, but what about album references?
is there any information out there where electronic-drums were used lately in albums ?
there are alot of albums i hear that i'm not sure if the drums were programmed, played on acoustic drums, or on e-drums...
let's take madonna confessions for example...
is there any info about it??