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recording bassie vocal

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Howdy to all,

We are doing a resitation type country song, and the vocalist has a deep bass voice.
On play back, over club speakers (MP3 CD), it is way too basie.

My question****
What do I have to do to componsate for this?

Thanks in advance,


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21 years

Member Tue, 09/30/2008 - 09:19
How did you record it initially? If you are at close proximity to a cardioid microphone (0-2 inches) you will have a boomy type of effect. Is there an EQ on the "club" speaker system? Do the speakers have a bass heavy response?

This may be self evident, but find a microphone with better high frequency response, and position the singer further from the microphone. If your room is treated and are using a low noise LDC, one foot should work well. The vocals will still sound close, and will not have any proximity effect. However, it really depends on the microphone, the room, the voice, and what it is blending with.

To fix the track you have try a 6dB/octave high pass at about 100 Hz on the vocals.