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Recording Mixer to Digital Interface... bypass mixer faders?

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I've been recording for a while and I'm trying some new equipment out and I'm a little jammed.

I have a 24x24 SoundCraft Spirit Mixer and a Presonus Firepod.

I want to run from my snake into the Soundcraft mixer (for use of it's great preamps and eq's) and the run lines out of those channels into my firepod (bypassing the firepods preamps).

Is there anyway that I can send the signal from the mixer Channel 1 (for example) to the firepod (channel 1) and BYPASS THE FADERS on the mixing board? I don't want to have to beable to control the volume going into the firepod because the preamps will take care of that for me...any suggestions.


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Member Fri, 07/11/2008 - 09:33
What I do is take the insert out of the board into the digital interface. Most mixers it's one click in to get just the send. IKeep the length short because it will be unbalanced here.

I have a similar setup, and made cables to use both the insert send and return. By default on my sound module I have each channel mapped through so I can use the mixer for the head phone mix, but I can also re route things if I am using multiple output buses.

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RemyRAD Sat, 07/12/2008 - 20:31
Of course, by taking your inserts to your Camp Fire box will only allow you as many inputs as your Camp Fire box allows. Which I believe is 8?

Conversely, there is no reason not to take your 1 through 8 mix bus outputs from your console to your Camp Fire box" inputs. That way you could composite multiple instruments together as a sub mix to a single record track.

Otherwise, you're new Camp Fire fire box's microphone inputs may in fact be a better quality preamp than an older mediocre preamp? Just because it's old British vintage doesn't mean that it's a vintage old British. You know those Germans ain't bad at making microphonic devices. I'd generally never turn down a German microphone nor preamp. Besides, you're talking more about the classic British EQ, that you probably would weren't going to get to use during tracking, than the classic vintage Neve microphone preamp. Make no mistake. All things British are not equal. While it ain't a bad console, I wouldn't have my panties in a bunch if I were to use the Camp Fire box's microphone preamp's. There are claimed to be class A, which the old PA board is not. Think about that.

Maybe all you really want to purchase are some "St. Ives Windings" microphone transformers? Those plugged directly into the Camp Fire boxes microphone inputs will generally yield a Neve like front-end quality, with that class A preamp.

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