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Recording with new digitech GSP1101

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I currently have a POD XT Live that I use at home to record guitar and bass with into my Pro Tools 002 Rack and get great results however I have just bought a Line 6 LD150 bass amp to plug my ibanez bass into so I can learn to play some bass and can have a jam in my studio with my mate who used to play bass in the band i was in several moons ago.

My idea being to send the bass signal from the LD150 from the Balanced out to my Pro Tools rack so that we can record while playing through amps, however the Pod XT Live I am not entirely happy with as you have to tell it what you are connecting too i.e. use Studio Direct mode or tell it you are connecting to a Combo amp etc.

Also what I want to do is the have the POD cabled on the FX loop of my Marshall AVT150 and then send the signal to Pro tools which you cannot do as you have to tell it what its connecting to i.e. amp or studio etc and if i send the signal via the emulated line out from my Marshall it sound rubbish when recorded. Also I want to try some different distortions as just stomp boxes in the POD (i.e. I do not want to use any Amp simulation or Cab Simulation as I like the tone etc from my AVT150 and its extention cab) and the Pod only emulates on out and out distortion pedal "Classic Distortion" with the rest being either Fuzz or Overdrive pedals.

I have been checking out the new digitech GSP1101 Rack and it looks like it could fulfill my requirements as it emulates 17 different distortion pedals inc Digitech's "Death Metal" and "Grunge" Pedals, it also has a pitch shifter and Digitech's Whammy pedal in there as well as some lexicon reverbs etc!

It has Left and right balanced outs and 1/4" line outs as well as amp emulation and looks the business. You can also hook it to your PC via USB and program it using the Xedit software. Before I wad out some hard cash has anyone got one of these? And or used it for recording while rigged to an amp?

Help and advice much appreciated!