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Recording Question HELP!!!!

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Hi i curently have the tascam 2488. i was wondering if i could hook up my computer to the tascam by usb cordand if i could do this i want to by pro tools to edit my music is this possible im kinda new at recording.


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Boswell Mon, 04/28/2008 - 03:56
No, this is not possible.

(A) The Tascam 2488 does not output its digital audio via USB. You might be able to use an S/PDIF connection from the 2488 if your computer has an S/PDIF input.

(B) ProTools will not recognize any audio interfaces other than those manufactured by DigiDesign (and their subsiduary M-Audio).

So one route would be to use simple software such as Audacity to capture the S/PDIF audio from the 2488 and write it to .wav files. Alternatively, you could use the 2488 to burn CDs which you transfer to the computer and copy to the computer hard disk. You could then use PT to import the files and perform the post processing.

If you really want to get into using ProTools, dump the 2488 and instead budget for a PT package that includes DigiDesign or M-Audio hardware. However, my recommendation is that you use audio processing software other than PT, as this gives you the freedom to upgrade to interface hardware of your choice.