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Reference versus Play-along Monitor

Can a reference monitor like Mackie or Bringer Truth be used to play-along with or are they strickly for monitoring pre-recorded music? Currently, I use a set of 15-inch EV-152 and a 200 watt amplifier at very low volume to play-along and record. I was looking to reduce the size and replace the amplifier using a aplified monitor setup. Thank you for your help.



sdevino Wed, 07/30/2003 - 15:43

All depends on how loud you want it and how big your room is and how far away you are from the speakers.

There is no reason whyt you cannot use monitors for playback enjoyment. Especially if you buy good monitors.


emedley Thu, 08/07/2003 - 13:07

Are you meaning by 'Play along' that your're say, a bass player, and you're plugging in your bass direct into a mixer and then running a CD in and using this a a practice rig?

If so, you might want to bear in mind one thing. Although studio monitors tend to be more bullet proof and rugid, you could risk damaging them buy running a un-controlled signal through them for extended periods of time. Using the bass example, you might want to stick a compressor on the bass to get rid of any nasty attack transients. Just because you're not playing 'loud' doesn't mean you can't blow your speakers. I remember a cool demo at AES one time where a guy showed how you could blow a 100 watt rated speaker with a 5 watt audio amp. He fed a very low frequency square wave that was hardly audible in the room to the speaker and in 2 minutes it was toast.

If this is not pertinent to your question, sorry.
happy recording