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Removing Breaths from vocals

I dont know if I'm on the right track because every vocal track i record i tend to remove breaths. is it a good practice? please advice.


cusebassman Mon, 11/20/2006 - 07:44
I've heard plenty of music that has the vocalist's breathing left in the track, and it can work in the song's favor or completely ruin it. As the other response said, it is pretty much subjective. When I am recording vocals, I just tend to turn to the left or right to take breathes, and coupled with a hypercardioid condenser for vocals, those breathes don't appear on tape, but I just prefer my music not to have them.

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 11/22/2006 - 19:53
I agree with the above - it depends on what sort of music you're making and what the breathing sounds like. Some styles are more welcoming of gentle breathing sounds, but if the vocals are more like "And then I'll *GASP* never see you again *GASP*" then it may be best to get rid of them (or at least severely lower their volume).

Listen to a vocal recording before and after "removing the breaths", preferably with music behind it. Which sounds better? Use that one.