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RME outs to fx: analog or digital?

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What happens when sending the ( RME) digital out @ 24/44.1. . to an fx unit that processes signal @ 20/44.1, and then back to RME's 24/44.1 inputs?

Bad, good?

Should I use RME's (and fx's) analog in/outs?



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Pro Audio Guest Tue, 12/07/2004 - 00:27
Digital Connection: 24bits -> 20bits Dither occurs. 20bits -> 24bits noise floor increases by 4bit under 20 bits.

Analog Connection: Signal should go through DA/AD converter again. Beside, Dither occurs during AD conversion.

So, Your FX box does nice dither, go for digital. Your AD/DA box does nice conversion, go for analog.

But, I guess the best way is trust your ear and pick the one sounds better to you.