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RNC a "pro" compressor?

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Would you all consider the RNC a "pro" compressor?


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Blue Bear Sound Thu, 04/05/2001 - 04:26
Can you expand a bit Fletcher? Given the scenario of a "big-boys" commercial studio with a large gear budget, which are they more likely to purchase - the RNC, the Drawmer Mercenary Edition 1969 Vacuum Tube, or the Manley All-Tube and why or why not?

(I already own a couple of RNCs and plan to buy more, but I'm curious to know where they sit relative to the upper-end of the compressor scale)


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hargerst Thu, 04/05/2001 - 08:06
If there is a discussion about clean, clear, transparent compression with no artifacts, the RNC must always be included as a contender. If the discussion is about compression with coloration and an "attitude", then you're talking about other compressors.

The actual performance and reliability of the RNC meet what I consider "professional quality". Not having balanced outs, dual mono, or a self contained power supply are inconveniences which diminish, but do not eliminate its value as a "pro" piece, IMO.