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RNC Reviews

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So what is the deal with the RNC. Can a compressor this inexpensive really be any good? I have seen many of you mention it from time to time. What are you using it on and how much are you letting it work?


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Scott Gould Wed, 11/07/2001 - 21:59
Let me just say this about the RNC - beside it, I have 2 other good stereo compressors - one is all tube and cost about 8 times as much, the other is actually a linked pair of discrete class A solid-state mono compressors which cost 25 times as much. Guess which compressor gets used 10 times as much as the other 2?

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PlugHead Wed, 11/07/2001 - 22:15
Originally posted by atlasproaudio "What do you mean Plughead?"

Just that they're so damn cheap, you could afford a couple, PLUS other gear for the price of one Manley, Neve, etc. - yeah, it's only a tool, but you can fit yourself with a belt full of 'em at their cost!