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Safe to buy a macbook pro?


About a month or so ago I was just about to buy a macbook pro, but then I came across a website that listed many problems with this machine including severe overheating (with consequent distortion of the chassis), wining noises, discoloration of the chassis, and frequent shut-downs.

Given one of the main selling points of macs is to be supposed to high reliabilty & great build quality, I was put off by all of this.

Can anyone tell me if more recent MBPs are free of these problems? If so, I might think again.

Finally, I've also heard some not-so-good-things about customer support -- has anyone any experience/advice in this regard?



hueseph Mon, 03/05/2007 - 13:07
I don't know. Sounds like it was evaluated by a pc user.

There are some idiosyncracies with apple that, if you're not familiar with them, can cause you problems. One being that you can close a window on a program but unless you go in and shut the program down, it will continue running in the background. This is a great thing because it prevents you from accidentally closing a program before you save.

So, you can imagine this machine running several programs at a time of course it's going to overheat. If you're pushing the cpu to the point where the fan is going full force for any period of time, you must be doing something wrong. The only time I ever heard the fan going on my Mac was when I did the firmware update.

I could be wrong but I would do another search. Don't base your opinion or your decision on the opinion of one website. It's possible that the person doing the test was just inexperienced with Macs.