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samson microphones

does anyone know if the C02 stereo pair is any good. i am looking to use them as drum overheads and they seem to be the only matched pair in my price range. does anyone know if there are any other better ones in this range? or are these any good?
ok thanks


RemyRAD Thu, 12/07/2006 - 21:48
For the most part, a "matched pair", is really unnecessary these days since the consistency of manufacturing has become quite good, especially among the mass produced types. I know very few people that have any "matched pair" microphones. It's very nice to get a pair of microphones with sequential serial numbers. But cheap microphones don't generally have serial numbers since they're only made in China by the finest slave children available who haven't learned how to count yet.

You might find that a pair of Shure SM57's might make for a smoother sounding pair of overheads than a cheap condenser microphone. Really, try it.

I love SM57's
Ms. Remy Ann David