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Samson Rubicon 6a vs Yamaha NS-10

Does the Samsoin Rubicon 6a and Yamaha NS-10 compare? Are the ns-10's worth 500 bucks or even 800?


sheet Sun, 04/29/2007 - 19:59
What you are hearing is either review hype, or just people talking out of their butts. Listen for yourself. There are huge holes in the mid section, and then a couple of sharp peaks. The bass is a bit hyped and undefined. This speaker is the exact opposite of an NS10 IMO. The strength in the NS10 is the fact that if your mids WILL translate to the outside world.

Davedog Sun, 04/29/2007 - 22:37
I agree. While I would definately recommend the Rubicons to someone just beginning to train their ears simply because the highs are so good, they are not in the same ballpark as the NS10's as far as a monitor to truly mix projects with. That being said, I never used my NS10's as anything more than a check point and only for the midrange translation.

A truly amazing and relatively unknown monitor is the passive Audix . Unfindable as they only made them for a short time...but with a nice Hafler on them they are really strong.

A used set of Genelecs or perhaps DynAudios are better than either of the subject speaks....