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Saving a track for clipping?

Is it possible to save a track that was already recorded at too high a level and has obvious clipping issues? I had some one bring in the wave files for a track for a mix down. There's a male vocal speaking and a male vocal singing.

The male singing vocal tracks start out at a normal level and sound good, but then towards the end of each part they get louder as his voice goes up, causing clipping on the tracks. Is there a way to try and save this or should I just tell them to bring the guy in so we can record it? I know that would be the ideal situtation, but knowing how to fix something like this could be valuable.

I'm using Logic on the computer that I'm trying to mix this on.


Pro Audio Guest Wed, 06/20/2007 - 10:17
MilesAway wrote: I can't speak for Logic, but there is a tool in Audition for smoothing out clips. It's not perfect, but in situations where the track was *almost* usable, it has saved the day. For heavily clipped wav's, it's not quite so good.

I used a low pass crossover for a little success. We're going to get the orignal singer to come in and record those parts with us so we can make sure that it's good.