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I'm a sound desinger so i know how to program synths and how to make sounds. What i now want to learn is to play a bit more instead of dealing with one sound at a time like i do when making sounds. I know the chords and that the notes they contain can be played seperately and stuff but how about scales. Can i take a scale and play it's notes as a melody? Will the keys in a scale fit with eachother? I hope this question is a bit clear :)


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Nate Tschetter Thu, 10/23/2003 - 16:20

Well, the basic answer to both your questions is "yes". But they're so broad in focus its hard to really give an answer that is useful.

I'd suggest looking into piano lessons. You'll get the notes under your fingers and theory in your head. Its better than reading stuff out of a book 'cos you have someone who can guide you.

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pmolsonmus Thu, 10/23/2003 - 17:29
There's some great theory software that is inexpensive, patient and can teach you quite a bit. Granted, not the same as lessons, but a good initial start.
I use Mibac Music Lessons with my high school students who atruggle with basic theory concepts, its fairly comprehensive and works at your pace.

Good Luck, your in for a great journey