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Sebatron Price rise

I noticed the Sebatron vmp-4000E quad pre has gone up in price here in Australia. So now it's around the same price a Focusrite ISA428 (Neve design pre)quad pre.Hmmm




AEW Sun, 08/17/2003 - 01:18

I don't think it was much and it was probably worth the price rise. The sales rep said the price has gone up on the vmp, but the Neve stuff has come down so there's not much difference between the two units.


davemc Mon, 08/18/2003 - 01:29

The thing that interests me with the ISA428 is the AD option is not much more..US$600. The pres I have a love/hate thing with the ISA430 pre..
In the 4 channel pre, throw in the API as well. For a $100 or more a channel it all comes down to which one you like better.

The AUD$ being stronger helps buying from the US although hinders selling to the US.

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