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Sequencing & Arrangements

Hi folks,

For those who uses a workstation, how many of you sequence and render midi effect, sample, etc... before transferring to a full flag software in your pc?

I have a motif but i usually sequence in my Pro Tools (so that i can see those midi notes) and find working in this way sort of under utilize those effects onboard my motif.

Am i just so plain wrong not to use my motif more efficiently?



anonymous Mon, 05/09/2005 - 02:08
I would say its really up to your working style and it also would depend on if you like working in the computer or your motif better.

Computer production/midi editing is much more efficient and sometimes the midi effects are easier to tweak.

However, midi edits & tweaks are sometimes not the most efficient in ProTools so the computer route can be more time consuming than just dialing the sound in the Motif & tracking it. If you like working more in midi and the computer, I highly recommend Cubase SX or Logic Audio - even the light versions w/ audio & midi blow away ProTools unless your running something other than the LE version.

On the other hand, each keyboard workstation has its own sound & style of handling sequencing and effects that can be a unique and creative tool as well.

The best bet is to just listen to your vibe on each track/song. If you are on a deadline, just get the sounds you need quickly, spend less time tweaking, and add effects after tracking audio. If you have a lot of time to spare, play with both the motif's effects/capabilities & the computer's also. You would be amazed some of the new things you can create when just messing w/ new functions or trying new things w/ workstations.

If all your sounds are coming out phat & the mixes are clean, 9 times out of 10, what your doing now is probably getting the job done. You may just want to 'freak' out the motif when you have the time and just keep doing the do...


nehpyh Mon, 05/09/2005 - 08:39
thanks gn,

Protools is indeed weak on the midi portion of home recording. I am running LE and it's the bare minimum.

I tried Cubase SX2 and was impressed with it's functionality and format. However. due to issues with bugs on OSX, I decided against Steinberg.

And since I have already spent a mini bomb on the 002R with protools le, i'm not ready to get a Logic for home recording.

I kinda regreted going into the digi design route cos IMO, i was downgrading from Echo Layla24 to digi's converters. But cos I want an integrated solution, I decided to allow my own willfullness!

Guess we have digressed.

I consider myself at the infant stage of home recording so i think i'm willing to learn new methodology to become effective in the future. I understand that there are no best way but there's always a better way of doing somthing.


maintiger Mon, 05/09/2005 - 10:29
I have Digital Performer and several VI's (virtual instruments) including mach Five, garritan, atmosphere, stylus, latigo and DFHS-
i usually just use sequencing with the VI's but when I am satisfied with the arrangements and the sound I start recording them to the hard drive as VI's take up a lotta bandwith. i used to have severs midi modules as well but they stayed with the old studio when I sold it and now I find VI's alot better value for the $$$




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